Untitled Copy Copy 80x80 - ریپیتر کانونشنال  سیستم اعلام حریق GFE
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پنل gfe 80x80 - ریپیتر کانونشنال  سیستم اعلام حریق GFE
کنترل پنل کانونشنال GFE مدل Orion Plus
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ریپیتر کانونشنال سیستم اعلام حریق GFE

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The ORION MINI REP will provide remote control, system status display and monitoring functions. All Fire, Fault, Test and Disabled conditions are displayed. User is able to control all functions at access Level’s 1 and 2. Access to Level 2 is via a four digit code (same code as used on the ORION Conventional Panel).

A maximum of 4 ORION MINI REP panels can be connected to a single ORION Conventional Fire Detection Panel. When using RS232 interfaces only one repeater panel will offer both control and display of the system. The remainder of the repeater panels will only offer system status display.

It includes as standard an RS232 interface. This unit is also compatible with all of GFE’s standard data loop interfaces allowing the panel to be interfaced to an ORION conventional panel using 4 different interfacing technologies:

Key Features

  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Fibre Optics
  • TCP/IP (Specific for ORION Conventional Systems)

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